Engine Repairs


Cylinder Blocks for boring are set up on a vertical boring machine . Each cylinder is checked with a cylinder bore gauge and on completion is transferred to a honing machine for finished sizing. We can also bore for, and fit liners.
Machines are used to give the required plateau finish, and cross hatch pattern to the cylinder bore as it is honed to the correct size After honing each cylinder is checked throughout its length with a cylinder bore gauge, to ensure that it is within the manufacturers sizes and tolerances.
All machined components are subject to rigorous inspection procedures both during and on completion of operation. All our measuring equipment is calibrated at regular intervals.
Cylinder Heads and Cylinder Blocks being tested are first of all stripped completely to give full access to all surfaces. They are set up on a jig and subjected to a pressure, and then submerged into a tank of water. We can rotate the component through 360°.